About Us

We were born from a passion and desire to lift the quality of teaching in early childhood education.

We provide the most trusted hands-on and highly informative 6 month’s and 1 Year training program to the Montessori method and curriculum for preschools educators & parents as parents are children’s FIRST educators at home!

Our program provides teachers with real-world, practical holistic knowledge and skills that may be implemented in any preschools setting or at home.

Our Diploma program in Montessori Education is suitable for:

Moms / To be moms
who would gain knowledge and skills to help raise their children at home, maximising their children’s potential.


who would like to implement Montessori in their schools.



who are interested to upgrade their teaching skills and achieve personal and career growth.


Special needs educators who are looking for a simple approach to educate their children.

Individuals who would like a career as a preschools teacher / child social worker.

Other individuals interested in the welfare of children in the early years.

We offer:

Weekday and weekend Classes.

Payment of fees in easy installments.

We provide Diploma in Montessori education training.

Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori Curriculum

Montessori Pedagogy

Child development

Classroom Management.

Professional Development for teachers